How do i download things from this site to my phone?

  gazmix 13:08 11 Feb 2013


How do i download applications from this site to my phone as it doesn't give instructions!

Do i use a usb cable to transfer after downloading to my pc or do i download to somewhere else?


  Woolwell 13:13 11 Feb 2013

You don't have to use that site for most of those apps and it may be safer to use the official routes. Which phone?

If Android got to Google Play Store and search for the app.

If iPhone go to App Store.

  gazmix 13:24 11 Feb 2013

Its a SonyEricsson W995, i just bought on ebay. Its a Java based phone.

  Woolwell 13:36 11 Feb 2013

The most important piece of information the make and model of phone was missing. It uses a proprietary OS. Suggest you find the manual.

  gazmix 13:40 11 Feb 2013

whats does that mean propriatary os? it says the model below the language & location bit, top right of screen!

i do have the manual to the phone but it says nothing about downloading apps from certain sites??>

  Woolwell 13:52 11 Feb 2013

On the site that you linked to at the top right there is "set your device" which will then display the apps for a phone. Your phone isn't listed so I suspect that there are not any apps on that site for it.

Proprietary OS means that it is just for Sony Ericsson and only certain models. It's an old phone and apps may not be easily available if at all.

  gazmix 14:23 11 Feb 2013

I took a screenshot of the link i gave & in top right it says my device & there are loads of apps & categories of apps!

I am wary of downloading to a phone in case it messes up my phones software!

Is this the page you mean?

  xox101 14:36 11 Feb 2013

Go to the apps page and click on download again. You will get another box come up with instructions to go to getjar mobile site on your phone browser and enter a number. The number corresponds to the app you want to install. Then follow the instructions on your phone.

  gazmix 14:48 11 Feb 2013

thanks xox101

is this safe? & i'm guessing no cables needed!

  xox101 16:22 11 Feb 2013

Should be perfectly safe and no you do not need cables as the install is done from Getjar's mobile site. It's been many years since I ran a Sony Ericsson phone.

  gazmix 16:53 11 Feb 2013

cheers, was yours a W995 & did it have APPS.

just a few peeps i spoke to say that doesn't support apps!! i understand not in the android way, but just hoping i can get them & they aren't outa date!

I guess any phone, no matter how old it is is still capable of internet if its an internet phone! This is one i bought :-

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