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How do i download things from this site to my phone?

  gazmix 13:08 11 Feb 2013


How do i download applications from this site to my phone as it doesn't give instructions!

Do i use a usb cable to transfer after downloading to my pc or do i download to somewhere else?


  gazmix 13:24 11 Feb 2013

Its a SonyEricsson W995, i just bought on ebay. Its a Java based phone.

  gazmix 13:40 11 Feb 2013

whats does that mean propriatary os? it says the model below the language & location bit, top right of screen!

i do have the manual to the phone but it says nothing about downloading apps from certain sites??>

  gazmix 14:23 11 Feb 2013

I took a screenshot of the link i gave & in top right it says my device & there are loads of apps & categories of apps!

I am wary of downloading to a phone in case it messes up my phones software!

Is this the page you mean?

  gazmix 14:48 11 Feb 2013

thanks xox101

is this safe? & i'm guessing no cables needed!

  gazmix 16:53 11 Feb 2013

cheers, was yours a W995 & did it have APPS.

just a few peeps i spoke to say that doesn't support apps!! i understand not in the android way, but just hoping i can get them & they aren't outa date!

I guess any phone, no matter how old it is is still capable of internet if its an internet phone! This is one i bought :-

  gazmix 16:55 11 Feb 2013

Woolwell, is the image link i gave you the same as you saw?

  gazmix 18:17 11 Feb 2013

Yeh, i bought lots of things from ebay sellers from Hong Kong & the seller has good feedback! Its been sent & i have tracking number!

  gazmix 21:12 11 Feb 2013

I'll be getting a sim only deal at a tenner a month with more calls & lots of downloadage, prob more than i need!

I can then go online!!

I thought wifi was only if you in pubs or in town where its free!!

  gazmix 21:14 11 Feb 2013
  gazmix 21:18 11 Feb 2013

also, does mms, sms, internet, email all need to be set up or will inserting sim card automatically do that?

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