How Do I "DOWNGRADE" FromXP To 2000

  Scott709 21:01 04 Apr 2003

hi, im currently running microsoft xp, i have windows 2000 and want to install windows 2000 without formatting, i would like to keep my existing files, when i go to install windows 2000 it ssays "This cd-rom is from an older version of windows than you are presently using. setup functuality from this disk will be disabled" i cant find any other way, any help would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards
Scott MacDonald

  pj123 21:24 04 Apr 2003

I wouldn't have thought it was possibe to "downgrade" but what you could try is a dual boot system. try Ranish from click here which is a free partitioning programme. you can partition your hard disk into 2 (or more) partitions without losing any data and then install w2k on to the other partition. As I don't have XP someone will put me right if this is not feasible.

  Scott709 21:30 04 Apr 2003

i do not want to partition as it will keep all the xp OS files, i would just like to install win 2000 over xp but it wont allow me

  Worf100 21:30 04 Apr 2003

Set up a separate partition on your hard drive (by for example using Partition magic) or add another drive to hold Windows 2000 and boot from this when you need it !
Good luck

  Scott709 21:36 04 Apr 2003

i jus wanna have it like a normal 2000 pc

  zanwalk 22:01 04 Apr 2003

If you really can't just back up the files you want to keep, the only solution I can think of is to partition your drive temporarily, and create a partition to copy your current XP partition to, then delete your original XP, install W2K, and then copy files that you need across. All this is possible with Partition Magic. Afterwards, you can then delete the copied XP partition and have access to your whole Hard Drive again.

It is a bit of a long winded process, and personally I would investigate the option of backing up all your needed files first, and then simply formatting the drive and installing W2K. Microsoft obviously don't wish you to downgrade your OS, or they would make it easily possible!

  Scott709 22:04 04 Apr 2003

it is v.complicated and i dont understand this so i will look into backing it up

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