How do I display Random words in Excell

  Migwell 17:35 13 Nov 2011

To help my granson learn to read, I have put all his word's from those he has been given at school into a spreadsheet in excell. My plan is to be able to display one word at a time on the computer monitor and if he get's it right he then needs to press the enter button and get the next RANDOM word from the list.

Can anyone tell me how to do this please, using Excell 2010

Thanks Migwell

  VoG II 18:12 13 Nov 2011
  Migwell 22:16 13 Nov 2011

Thanks VoG that has started to work but at this moment I have 90 words spread over A 1 to F15 and every few days more words will be added. I need to go further, what changes do you recomend.

  VoG II 07:24 14 Nov 2011

I would have put all the words in column A. Then you just need to change the 10 in the formula to the number of used rows.

  Forum Editor 08:32 14 Nov 2011

I've locked your duplicate thread, now that you're getting the best possible advice in this one.

  VoG II 15:55 15 Nov 2011

With the words in column A only, this formula will adjust automatically for the number of used rows


  lotvic 20:52 15 Nov 2011

I think this works for displaying random words from columns A B C with words in each column up to row number 10


or if you have column headings in row 1 and word list in each column starts in row 2 down to row 11


  tonyq 18:23 14 Dec 2011

Sorry for digging up an old post.Thought it better than starting a new one on the same subject Through your help with answering Migwells question,I have used the above in my version of 2007 Excel O.K. but my son as been unable to get it to work in Excel 2003.So my question is,Should it work in Excel 2003 ?

  VoG II 18:27 14 Dec 2011

Yes but in Excel 2003 it requires that the Analysis ToolPak is installed. Go to Tools > Add-Ins, tick Analysis ToolPak and click OK. The formula should then work.

  tonyq 18:37 14 Dec 2011

Thank you VoG, will let him know.

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