How Do I Disable Works Word Processor ?

  [DELETED] 05:37 08 Dec 2003

My laptop came with Microsoft Works Word Processor but I have bought a copy of Microsoft Word and I would like to know how to disable Works Word Processor without having to delete it from my system.

As in my opinion Word is better and is used by most people. I therefore only want Microsoft Word to be in operation.

At present I have both Microsoft Works Word Processor and Microsoft Word operating on my laptop.

  howard60 06:18 08 Dec 2003

Just delete the shortcut to Works word processor and have Word showing then you will not be using the other one. This is the only way I know of not using it without deleting Works completely.

  [DELETED] 07:29 08 Dec 2003

Do you know if Word is now the default program for opening .doc files. When you open a .doc from explorer does it load up with Word or Works.

If it is opening with Works, go to Control Panel - Folder Options - File Types and scroll down to DOC and if necessary change the program it opens with to Word instead of Works WP. (For Win XP). If using another Windoes 9x then in Explorer find the Folder Options (probably in Tools or View) and continue as above.

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