How do i disable onboard graphics

  sunny staines 17:15 07 May 2006

I have added a geforce 2 graphics card [AGP]

but cannot find the option to disable on board graphics using FOXCONN M/board with SIS chipset.

found and disabled sound ok but lost on the graphics.

  Noldi 17:26 07 May 2006

is it not a jumper setting on the motherboard?

  Strawballs 17:57 07 May 2006

As Noldi said get your MOBO manual out of a magnifying glass and see if it is a jumper I had 1 that was dissabled in that manner.

  woodchip 18:15 07 May 2006

You may not be able to disable, other than in Device Manager

  Strawballs 18:26 07 May 2006

Sorry should have read "or a magnifying glass"

  sunny staines 18:49 07 May 2006

thanks guys I have gone from bad to worse here.

MY FOXCOMM manuel says for sis 661fx7mi, 661fx7mi, 648fx7mi, 648c7mi.

it has on board sound & graphics which worked ok. but i put in a nvidia agp4 32 ram pci card and latest driver from nvidia.worked ok temp

and a audigy 2 pci sound card.with latest drivers.

problems: when booting up it pc fails showing nvidia 08.00 ram instead of 32 ram, i then boot into last know good configaration to get booted.

having disabled on board sound & ac97 software the sound will not work with the Audigy software as if windows has not recognised the card.

sorry for the story.

  sunny staines 19:07 07 May 2006

totallybrained yes disabled the sound in the bios then install creative driver from cd followed by internet update. creative detected the sound card and auto installed the drivers. but deice manager shows yellow icons, and hardware wizard keeps flagging up.

i have read through the cd manuel which was of no help

  sunny staines 19:11 07 May 2006

i have temp reverted back to on board sound and reinstalled drivers that will not work now.

  sunny staines 20:20 07 May 2006

totally brained

thanks for the info re the graphics.

the audigy problem is device manager recognises the card dut the cd does not. any advice on this one please.

  sunny staines 21:12 07 May 2006

I have the monitor plugged into the NVIDIA car and is working ok apart from restarting the computer problem as stated already.

I have forced the hardware wizard to install the aduigy driver and all works ok. BUT when going to the creative web site it recognises the software and deletes the cd audio driver to install the updated driver, but the sound does not work with the update. this process worked ok on my old pc with the same card just having problems with the new foxconn board.

anyone help with further tips re this saga please

  sunny staines 21:19 07 May 2006

totally brained do i disable agp driver or is this reqd for the agp card to work. i donot understand how to diable it from the manual.

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