How do I Disable Norton

  krislas 08:01 21 Jul 2005

I have a few bits of software to install that ask that I disable anti virus programs. I have Norton installed. I did turn off auto-protect, but kept getting a message every minutes reminding me I was not protected!! How can I disable it completely but temporarily to enable me to install my software?


  Mikè 08:55 21 Jul 2005

Don't think you can, I would try installing with it enabled and see what happens. You may be able to turn the warnings off but I would just dismiss them as they appear.

I normally leave my anti-virus running when installing, no problems yet.

  961 08:56 21 Jul 2005

Disconnect from the internet and then right click on Norton icon in system tray and click on exit or whatever is offered to shut the programme

Install new programmes and then re-boot and Norton will start again

  Digit 08:59 21 Jul 2005

Norton is just keeping you informed that you have disabled it so that you won’t forget to enable it again so you can go ahead and download the software.
I hope you trust this site 100%.


  freaky 09:32 21 Jul 2005

To disable Norton AV right-click on the small NAV Icon on the taskbar at bottom of the desktop, then left-click on Disable Auto Protect. Do the reverse to re-enable.

A number of software programs recommend that you disable Anti Virus and/or exit any running programs before installing. Personally I ignore the request and have had no problems. Occasionally Norton will pop-up stating that it wishes to scan the new program, this only takes a second or so to do.

If you forgot to re-enable NAV, then it will automatically enable the next time you reboot.

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