How do i disable media player for Creative M Playr

  Craigmave 14:52 24 Nov 2003

Please tell me how to make Creatives Media Player the default for all of my music file and video. How can i get rid of Media Player from my pc. I upgraded to mplayer 9.

  bremner 14:55 24 Nov 2003

Do you have XP SP1 installed?

  Craigmave 14:57 24 Nov 2003

no i dont have the service pack

  bremner 15:01 24 Nov 2003

Shame that has an extra that makes it simple.

You could go to Media Player > Tools > Options > File Types and take the ticks out of the file types you don't want mWMP to be default for.

  Craigmave 15:03 24 Nov 2003

do you advise me getting the service pack... its just that i have had it before, but have refoprmatted and i havnt been bothered to put it back on again

  leo49 15:04 24 Nov 2003

You can get rid of WMP along with a lot of the other substandard bundled extras by using XPLite.

  Craigmave 15:07 24 Nov 2003

what is xplite and where is it available.

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