How do I disable BIOS?

  TommyRed 19:58 12 Feb 2003

Today I downloaded 'RestoreIT' and it asked that I do a number of things before installation:-
Disable anti-virus (done), BIOS & software, how do I disable BIOS and what type of software will require disabling?
It also asked me to run ScanDisk and de-frag.
When I run ScanDisk I get a box which tells me that ScanDisk has started 10 times (but not completed) and there must be a program running. As both my anti-virus and firewall are disabled and there is no screensaver, what could be causing this error?

  bremner 20:00 12 Feb 2003

Are you sure it asked you to disable the BIOS??

  grove34 20:25 12 Feb 2003

think it means , disable the boot sector virus protector thingy in the bios.

  grove34 20:28 12 Feb 2003

"Disable anti-virus (done), BIOS & software"

reads to me like :- disable anti virus in the bios and any softare anti virus you are using.

maybe i'm wrong

  TommyRed 20:33 12 Feb 2003

It reads:-
Disable all anti-virus protection, software and BIOS (please re-enable after installing RestoreIT)


  grove34 20:41 12 Feb 2003

"It reads:- Disable all anti-virus protection, software and BIOS (please re-enable after installing RestoreIT)"

now read it like this

It reads:- Disable all software and BIOS anti-virus protection, (please re-enable after installing RestoreIT)

does it make sense now.

if you go into your bios there should be an option to turn of boot sector virus protection , just disable it.

  TommyRed 20:45 12 Feb 2003

Don't wanna sound too simple but how do I get into my BIOS?


  Lú-tzé 20:54 12 Feb 2003

When you reboot your pc you may see a message "press del to enter setup" or something like that. The setup mentioned is the bios.

  TommyRed 21:38 12 Feb 2003


  ahales42 21:45 12 Feb 2003

press and hold down, ctrl,alt,delete. this will show you every programme which is running. if you end every task except explorer then scandisk will not show this message again.

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