How do i destroy Laptop harddrive

  collinsc 17:20 24 Apr 2009


My old dell inspiron laptop has given up the ghost, i considered selling it for spares, but unsure if it is worth it.

how do i go about destroying the HD? Is it just a case of ripping it out and get a good old hammer to it?


  Technotiger 17:25 24 Apr 2009


  Technotiger 17:26 24 Apr 2009

Hmm - god = good ........ no pun intended :-)

  Taff™ 17:32 24 Apr 2009

Why don`t you re-use it yourself as a spare external HDD? To be honest I don`t go along with the theory that the only way to preserve your security is to smash the HDD to bits. Several passes with D-Ban will make the data irretrievable to all but the secret services or are you worried about that too!

  rawprawn 17:33 24 Apr 2009

Hammer the message home, but wear protective goggles (Splinters can fly)

  collinsc 19:49 24 Apr 2009

thanks for responses. yes i suppose i could use it as my own ext HD if it still works properly!

yeh mainly worried about security, otherwise i would have tried to sell the lot on ebay as spares.

And what is d-ban please?


  collinsc 11:01 25 Apr 2009

thanks kindly. and where could i get a d-ban disk from, and how much might it cost?

thanks kindly

  tullie 11:26 25 Apr 2009

A simple Google search will give you all the info you needclick here

  collinsc 14:39 25 Apr 2009

I have just taken another look at the inspiron and it will not load up at all. please excuse my ignorance - but how can i now take off the hard drive and use it as external HD.


  Taff™ 17:01 25 Apr 2009

IDE External Caddy click here £6 delivered. You`ll find SATA versions on the same site. I recommend this one to everyone in your situation.

  collinsc 17:28 25 Apr 2009

hi - thanks for posts.

it is 5150.

not 100%, had a few mates look at it, i do not want to spend money having it looked at. ive since got a new laptop, so would only sell it anyway.

So the MSI 2.5" IDE HDD Enclosure will enable me to use the inspiron HD once extracted from the laptop?


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