How Do I Delete XP FROM MY System?

  holly polly 19:48 06 Jun 2003

been running xp pro for about a month ,be causing me megga problems ,anyone know how to go about deleting this and formatting and the reinstalling windows me?

  Lú-tzé 19:59 06 Jun 2003

It will depend on your file system: ntfs or fat32.

click here has a good guide.

Out of interest, what problems do you have with XP? It is strange to hear people complain of problems with it.

The usual cause of errors that I have seen is that the hardware does not reach the necesary spec or the wrong drivers are being used. Have you tried a clean reinstall of XP Pro or was it an upgrade from Me?

  Lú-tzé 20:01 06 Jun 2003

click here for another good guide.

  holly polly 20:12 06 Jun 2003

cant get service pack and recently upgraded to broadband on aol this requires the service pack to be installed which it isnt ,bought computor second hand and did not know it was a bent copy of xp [SILLY ME],so i want to reformat get rid of a illegal system and install my original version of me ,in answer to your question my file system is ntfs,cheers hol pol.

  Lú-tzé 20:20 06 Jun 2003

As it is ntfs, get a boot disk with fdisk and sort out the disk; you will also be able to partition it as you need. Try click here for a boot disk.

have a look at click here for details of using fdisk.

Once you have fdisked and formatted, insert your winMe CD and reboot. Then you can install winMe from there. I am not sure if the WinMe CD has fdisk or the like on it.

  Ironman556 20:28 06 Jun 2003

Guides above look pretty good. Make sure you copy all your data you want to either a second hard disk or to CDR, formatting will wipe everything. You can save yourself a step by not using fdisk if your drive is formatted as FAT32 (have a look at your hard drive properties.) Just boot using the boot disk and type "format c:" (where c is your drive you want to format) Then carry on from there as the guide tell you.

If your drive is NTFS formatted then once you've got yourself a boot disk (You can get one modified for XP here click here , or just make one in Windows) you'll need to use it to boot and type "fdisk". You'll then need to remove the non-DOS partition and any others that are non-dos if you have them.

When you've removed all non-dos partitions, reboot using the floppy again, and go back to fdisk. You'll then need to create a Primary DOS partition, and enable large disk support when it asks you. Follow the rest of the steps through then reboot again.

After that you can type the "format c:" command and continue.

The only reason for using FDisk if you've already got a FAT32 formatted drive would be so that you can split the drive and have C: and D: on one hard drive, i.e. split a 40 GB drive into two 20 GB drives. If you just create one Primary DOS partition and use the full size you'll have just C:.

The reason for using it when you have an NTFS formatted drive is that the Format program can't handle an NTFS drive, so using FDisk will remove the NTFS and replace it with FAT32, which Format can handle.

Good luck, it's easier than it sounds.

  Ironman556 20:31 06 Jun 2003

Beat me to it.. I should type faster...

An extra point though, if your WinME CD doesn't automatically start the install, use the boot disk again. At the prompt type "D:" to change to your CD-ROM drive, then type setup.exe and the install should start.

  holly polly 22:35 06 Jun 2003

many thanks for the advice will try everything suggested,cheers holly polly.

  holly polly 11:39 08 Jun 2003

deleted xp from my system with f disk created dos primary partition only one enabled large disk support installed me back on computor ,adsl broadband now woking fine though got another problem my 40 gb hardrive as become 4 gb checked it out and is saying it is the same size as my cyl head size in bios talked with a friend and he says you proberly need a bios update as it doesnt recognise the remainder of the drive ,also cant get my sound card working no audio ,can anybody help please?

  Peverelli 12:44 08 Jun 2003

Now you have a new problem it'll be a good idea to start a new thread.

.. Anyway, I had a similar prob with my 40G HD showing up as 8G. I had to go to my HD manufacturers website to download a program & used it to reformat HD again, this time with success. Also go to the sound card manufacturer's site and see if you can download the driver.

  Ironman556 13:48 08 Jun 2003

Sounds about right, your hard disk should be ok in BIOS because it's been working before. If you go to the manufacturers site their format program should detect if it needs to install somthing to make windows see the full drive.

You should have driver discs for sound, unless it's built into your motherboard, in which case it'll probably be on the motherboard discs.

There may also be some things you need to install from the motherboard disc, but I'm not sure what. Hopefull someone else can point you in the right direction on that.

Please post the links to new threads you start relating to this problem here, then people can reply on the new threads.

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