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How do I delete these 18614 files?

  qwbos 16:30 18 Oct 2018

I want to delete 18614 files, defaulterrorstack-000000-000000 to defaulterrorstack-018613-000000 They're in C:\Windows\System32

Any suggestions how?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 18 Oct 2018

Hightlight them all right click and select delete

if they won't delete then They are probably classed as system files thus preventing deletion.

  csqwared 17:13 18 Oct 2018

or look here:-


  qwbos 17:38 18 Oct 2018

Highlighting's a long process, much like deleting them individually. It's unlikely they're classed as system files as they're four months worth of error reports on an issue that I resolved a while back.

I've already tried Disk Cleanup but it didn't touch them.

I'm beginning to think the easiest way may be to revert to good old DOS and delete them that way.

  wiganken2 18:53 18 Oct 2018

You say "I've already tried Disk Cleanup but it didn't touch them." Maybe you only ran the first stage of Disk Cleanup. You need to run stage two. To do this click on "Clean up system files" when stage one has finished and it will run a second time.

  qwbos 19:40 18 Oct 2018

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Penny dropped! I'd forgotten about block highlighting. All gone.


I tried all options in Disk Cleanup earlier today.

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