How do I delete something in DOS?

  [DELETED] 12:46 06 Sep 2003

I need to get into DOS to delete a registry key after a partial/corrupt download, this is according to the guys at SpyWare Support Forum over the pond. I don't wanna sound like a complete dork when they ask me to do this which is why I'm here. You already know I'm a complete dork! I can reboot into DOS but I have to get into C:\WINDOWS\system files to make an alteration. I have backed up the registry to my desktop just in case. Any help? TR

  [DELETED] 12:50 06 Sep 2003

Boot to your DOS prompt

cd windows (return)
cd system (return)
del <filename>

  [DELETED] 13:11 06 Sep 2003

It safer to do it in win. Can't remember which flavour of win you're using but can you start/run/regedit ?

Whilst BigMoFot answered your question you are in danger of deleting the the registry.

Backup the registry before you sod about with it.

  [DELETED] 13:33 06 Sep 2003

seedie,I have already backed up the registry, no can't get to start/run/regedit my start button, taskbar and system tray have frozen. Everything above that line is operable.
BigMoFoT, when I get to the dos prompt it is after C:\WINDOWS>flashing cursor when I add the commands they are invalid, my OS is 98SE btw.

  [DELETED] 13:41 06 Sep 2003

A couple of safer things you could try while in DOS are:

scanreg /restore (gives a list of dates when regestry's been backed up, if there's one from before your problem you can restore that instead).

scanreg /fix (if no restore point available try this and the system will try to repair the registry).

If that fails BigMoFoT's instructions look ok try again

  [DELETED] 14:09 06 Sep 2003

No, I'm gonna go the way our yank friends say they've been correct up to now. I still can't get past this WINDOWS prompt in DOS, any help? TR

  [DELETED] 15:43 06 Sep 2003


  rawprawn 15:56 06 Sep 2003

If you have jv16 power tools program, you can go to regedit from there. You can still get jv16 but it is no longer freeware.

  [DELETED] 16:12 06 Sep 2003

rawprawn, All I want to be able to do is work in DOS, to do that I need to get past C:\WINDOWS>, I don't want any programs thanks. TR

  rawprawn 16:22 06 Sep 2003

Sorry don't know, how to work in dos except as wznyme suggests.

  bremner 16:27 06 Sep 2003

When you get to c:\windows do you type:

cd system then press return

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