How do I delete a page in Dreamweaver?

  pj123 15:53 21 Mar 2005

Have a 6 page website built with Dreamweaver MX.
One of the pages is now not required. I can't delete it completely. All I can see in Edit, is Select All and Cut, but it still leaves a blank page. There is no option to Delete Page.


This is the second posting so if it appears twice apologies. The first time I clicked "Begin new subject for discussion" all I got was "This page cannot be displayed". So I have started again.

  pj123 16:11 21 Mar 2005

Using CuteFTP I have tried deleting the page but when I next log in to the site it is still there. Also, of course, the links to this page are still there. Do I need to rebuild it?

  BBez 08:29 22 Mar 2005

off the top off my head, when you open your site, you should see all the pages of your site in the right hand pane (site manager), right click the page you want to delete and dreamweaver should auto update the links sitewide...

  pj123 15:43 22 Mar 2005

Using CuteFTP I did delete the page from the website. But it hasn't updated anything in Dreamweaver. I have now taken all the links out for this page in Dreamweaver and uploaded it again via CuteFTP but I still get a blank template type page where it was.

  pj123 12:30 23 Mar 2005

Seemed to have sorted it now. For some reason (probably me) there seemed to be two pages the same in Dreamweaver, one with a title "Prices" and one with a title "Page 4". Both now deleted and website updated correctly.

Thanks. Ticked.

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