How do i delete a folder that has access denied

  FatboySlim71 10:06 30 Apr 2006

I am wanting to delete a folder that is is empty and no longer used as the rest of the program has been uninstalled, but when I try to delete it, I get a window appearing showing "CANNOT DELETE ACCESS IS DENIED MAKE SURE THE DISC IS NOT FULL OR WRITE PROTECTED AND THAT THE FILE IS NOT CURRENTLY IN USE" I have right clicked on the folder and then selected properties, the attributes for the folder show read only, but when I un check this and click on apply then on ok, I can still not delete, could anyone be of help. I have XP Professional service pack 2. Thanks

  fleamailman 10:07 30 Apr 2006

Unlocker, it is a good program

click here

  FatboySlim71 10:10 30 Apr 2006

Thanks, Ill download it and see if it solves the problem and Ill post back to let others know if it worked. Thanks for the help.

  skidzy 10:10 30 Apr 2006

Have you tried this click here or this click here these may help if its a redundant file left over from uninstalling something previous.

This is a handy program to have for a general tidy up also click here (Registry Optimiser Version) its a free unlimited trial version,dont be fooled by thinking its just a registry program... its not.

It has some handy apps.

  FatboySlim71 10:12 30 Apr 2006

Thanks skidzy, I already have the programs you have mentioned, but thanks anyway for your help.

  skidzy 10:19 30 Apr 2006

Have you tried manually deleting the file from the registry ?

Also do a search,including hidden files stating the original folder name and deleting anything that is related to the folder.....if this will let you.

  Mikè 10:27 30 Apr 2006

1. Run cmd

2. Go to the folder parent dir of the folder you wish to delete

3. Type dir /x (this will display the short name of the folder)

4. Type rd <short name of the folder>

Done (hopefully).

  gudda96 11:01 30 Apr 2006

I had similar probl;em and found that the only answer was the UNlock program download.

  FatboySlim71 11:10 30 Apr 2006

I have just downloaded the Unlock program, when I choose the unlock option from the menu that appears when I right click on the folder that I want to delete, and select delete as the action that I want to do, It says could not delete, do you want to delete after the next re boot (Or words to that affect) but after a re boot the folder is still there.

  FatboySlim71 11:15 30 Apr 2006

Mikè, Could you tell me, after I have clicked on start run and entered cmd in the run window, how do I Go to the folder parent dir of the folder that I wish to delete, because when I have clicked on start run and entered cmd in the run window, this is what is shown C:\Documents and settings\My name appears here>

  Mikè 12:47 30 Apr 2006

Sorry been out for a while......

Ok in this example we are going to delete an empty folder in C:\Program Files called unwanted.

At C:\Documents and settings\Your name> type "cd C:\Program Files" and enter, should now say "C:\Program Files>_

Then enter "dir /x" (note space between r and/) this should give you a list of all folders.

In the fourth column you will find the short name of the folder that you want to delete, something like "unwanted~1"

now enter "rd unwanted~1" should now be deleted.

Obviously do not enter the qoutes.

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