How do I delete this folder?

  RISC OS user 17:06 02 Mar 2019

I created a new folder on my external SSD with the name of "All of Virtual Acorn" and then attempted to open it and was surprised to find two other folders inside it with what appear to be Chinese or Japanese characters as the file names. I have tried to delete these files but am advised I do not have access. How can I remove these? See screen shot. click here

  difarn 18:09 02 Mar 2019

Are you able to right click on those folders and re-name them with something simple? If you can are you then able to delete them.

  RISC OS user 18:41 02 Mar 2019

The simple answer is No!

  john bunyan 20:16 02 Mar 2019

Unless there are other things in the folder I would force delete the folder and start again

force delete

  martd7 22:51 02 Mar 2019

Under the folder it says " encrypted" are they meant to be ? Is it Malware?

  wee eddie 03:37 03 Mar 2019

Look in the "Date Modified" Column, that's weird, like 31/03/2052 and 02/04/2076

What does that mean do you think?

  RISC OS user 09:57 03 Mar 2019

I have reboots this morning and the rogue files have gone! I will run Malwarebytes and see if anything is thrown up there. I did not notice the dates, they are odd.

  RISC OS user 14:01 03 Mar 2019

I have moved the SSD to another PC and copied files to it and all looked correct, however after moving the SSD back to my original PC the files had disappeared. I then tried to copy the files again and again they were corrupted. I have now tried to format the SSD without success with a message say windows could not format the disc. I am as I write this trying to format the disc again, which has finished with the message Windows was unable to complete the Formatting. There was no explanation given. Is the SSD useless? I can still write to the files which were on the disc before the problems.

  BRYNIT 14:52 03 Mar 2019

Go to the Manufactures web site as you may find a program that will allow you to check the drive. update the firmware and even wipe the drive. SanDisk, Kingston and crucial are some that I know do so supply programs to check the SSD.

  RISC OS user 15:00 04 Mar 2019

The manufacturer's web site does not help and the email keeps being returned and here does not appear to be a help page.

  martd7 15:16 04 Mar 2019

Did you try Malwarbytes?

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