How do I delete emails on Server

  Sethhaniel 17:38 03 Jan 2004

Using Outlook Express on windows '98 se with BTOpenworld -have backlog of 2600 emails - which I have downloaded and as the last one cleared??? crash - so there are still 2600 eamils to download - left machine for four hours today to redowload the 2600 and with 50 to go computer decides to do restart so 2600 emails waiting to download -
Tried Telnet - but lacking in correct procedure to get anywhere -HELP

  DieSse 17:41 03 Jan 2004

Assuming that BTopenworld has a webmail facility - log on using it, and delete them there.

  Jester2K 17:42 03 Jan 2004

PopCorn - click here

Set it up for your account and then let it check the mailbox.

You can then delete the messages from there without opening them...

Delete in batches of 100 instead of all in one go...

  Jester2K 17:43 03 Jan 2004

Oh and if you are not on Broadband use a mates PC to do it...

  christmascracker 17:48 03 Jan 2004
  DieSse 17:49 03 Jan 2004

"Oh and if you are not on Broadband use a mates PC to do it..."

Why?? - after all he's not actually going to download anything??

  Jester2K 17:58 03 Jan 2004

True but

1) Dial Cuts out after 2 hours or so generally...

2) It'll take a much shorter time to access the 2600 headers

2) It'll take a much shorter time to delete them....

If there was 100 or so message i'd say fine do it on DUN but 2600 messages?!

It took me over 1 hour to get the first 800 headers (out of 1100+) in one clients mailbox using their dial up account. In the end i came home and deleted all 1100 messages on BB in under 15 minutes...

  Sethhaniel 18:04 03 Jan 2004

And its already almost halfway deleting the problem emails
Thanks All

  Sethhaniel 18:14 03 Jan 2004

As I had just dowloaded all the emails so knew the 2600+ could go - so it was just a case of open Popcorn - edit - delete all files on server
that's them all cleared so life can begin again
thanks all

  DieSse 18:20 03 Jan 2004

"It took me over 1 hour to get the first 800 headers (out of 1100+) in one clients mailbox"

That's why it's simpler and easier to use a webmail facility to do it.

  Jester2K 13:01 04 Jan 2004

I see what you mean, but when i tried the same with my brothers Yahoo account we could only see 10 messages or so at a time and then it took 20-30 seconds on his dial up account to delete these messages. Sadly as Popcorn can't access Yahoo accounts we had to go this way and it took ages to clear a few hundred messages.

As Sethhaniel has said i just find it easier to use Popcorn as you can delete all the messages in one click instead of a page at a time.

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