how do i create a w8.1 repair dik

  sunnystaines 13:24 14 Nov 2014

Cannot remember going round in circles found where to copy a system recovery partition but thats 16gb to big for a dvd-r.

just want to create a boot up disk within windows with reair tools done this before but just cannot remember and going is not helping not search on the laptop.

  Bris 18:31 14 Nov 2014

Microsoft seems to have made a right pigs ear of backing up an 8.1 system, however you could try this click here. It seems even worse if you upgraded from 8 to 8.1 as it appears that it restores to 8 and you have to go through the update procedure all over again.

As others have suggested here its much easier to use a third party backup utility such as the free version of Macrium Reflect. I use Acronis TI and back up my C: drive using that then in the case of problems its simply a case of restoring from the backup. Just done it today. Dont forget to use the option to create a bootable recovery disc.

  sunnystaines 19:50 14 Nov 2014

bris.... that link looks good will try that. used to use w7 image, but in w8 had problem with space it wanted to image all the free space and had trouble reducing the partitions in disk management so gave up.

we back up all docs pics to each others laptops and had the repair dvd's to boot for repair options if the need arose now found these are no good as they were done in w8.

perhaps w10 will fix the mess.

  sharpamat 08:21 15 Nov 2014

As with most new systems you are advised to make a recovery disc, most tend to say use a 16 gb USB stick . personally I use a 32 usb stick in case I need to reset to factory settings. Job done just keep it safe

  sunnystaines 12:53 15 Nov 2014

when i back up the recovery how can i prevent widows deleting the the original partion I would klike to keep both.

  sunnystaines 16:51 15 Nov 2014

woolwell thankyou, for reason unknown never read the link, thanks for the reminder.

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