how do i create a w8.1 repair dik

  sunnystaines 13:24 14 Nov 2014

Cannot remember going round in circles found where to copy a system recovery partition but thats 16gb to big for a dvd-r.

just want to create a boot up disk within windows with reair tools done this before but just cannot remember and going is not helping not search on the laptop.

  sunnystaines 13:24 14 Nov 2014

should read google is not helping.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:25 14 Nov 2014

Advance boot tools disable in w8 to get it to boot faster

have a look here to re enable the Advance tools Menu in case of a no boot

  onthelimit1 14:26 14 Nov 2014

I don't think you can for 8.1 - that option was only available for W8. Go for a USB option as described here.

  sunnystaines 14:37 14 Nov 2014

its a new laptop just wanted to create the boot up dvd disk with w8.1 repair tools, hunted all over control panel, plus the search option in the tiles metro screen. even googled it and got lost.

it used to pop up when you first configure windows but never saw it or missed it.

  sunnystaines 14:49 14 Nov 2014


thank you just read through your link the steps do not work on my laptop i think they were done in basic w8. also noted on there that my wife's bootup dvd done when new on w8 will not work with w8.1, wonder how many people knew that one.

unless i am wrong i need to get a usb. got to decide now do i back up 16gb recovery partition or just boot up repair files or get 2 usb sticks and do both.

then another two for the wife's laptop.

why on earth has MS made it so awkward to create these disks?

on my recent saga with a samsung stuck in a loop, MS said the only chance to fix would be a full windows 8 dvd not a repair one.

  onthelimit1 15:03 14 Nov 2014

S.S. The article is quite specific over which route to go for W8 or W8.1, so it should work for a USB from W8.1

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 14 Nov 2014

I set up My PC with Antivirus etc. when first got it then imaged the drive with Macrium reflect and create a rescue disk to boot the image.

I keep this original image and now image the system drive when ever I make signifcant change I.e load a new program and image the Data drive whenever I add photos documents etc.

I keep have three back up images

the original fresh install

the latest and the one before the latest, rest get deleted.

  sunnystaines 16:15 14 Nov 2014

fruitbat thanks had a bad run of external hdd's and been put off buying anymore.

used to like norton ghost but they scrapped it a couple of years ago. will way the the pricing of a new externall hdd to back up both laptops against some usb sticks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:42 14 Nov 2014

I bought a WD My Passport 1tb USB3 drive to go with my new PC

Old machine was left to back up overnight taking 4hrs new one backs up system drive in 10 mins and data drive in 25-30.

  sunnystaines 17:51 14 Nov 2014

fruitbat thanks saw thry had three year warranty not bad for £49 might have a look at them.

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