How do I create a simple form?

  jg1990 12:47 18 Feb 2004

I'm making a website for a friend of mine and I would like to put a simple form on it.

How do I do this?



  Taran 13:09 18 Feb 2004

Making a form is the easy bit.

Processing it and getting the contents of it in a useful format is always the challenge.

To begin with, are you using any web editing software or are you going to be coding it all by hand ?

Second question: who is the web host your friend will be using for their site ?

The reason I ask is that most web hosts provide simple CGI form to email scripts as part of your package with them. In fact, many ISPs also provide this; even for the "free" web space they give you as part of a dial up account.

What this script will do is take the results of your form and deliver it to your email address. Most of these preconfigured scripts will limit you to Name, Email Address and Message/Comments, but this is normally enough for most people.

Programs like FrontPage rely on the FrontPage Server Extensions being installed on the web host the site or form will be on, and using them makes processing forms drop dead easy, allowing you to choose one or more email addresses to deliver the form feedback to and even write the results of every form submission into a flat fle database for future reference.

If you let us know whether you are using any specific web editing software and who your friends web host is or will be, one of us wil come back to you with some accurate instructions based on that information.


  jg1990 17:02 18 Feb 2004

Thanks for your reply.

I am using Frontpage 2002 (the one that came with Office XP)

The web host will be

I would like the forms contents to be delivered to an email address.

What are frontpage extensions, do I need them?



  Taran 17:30 18 Feb 2004

FrontPage extensions are tiny software programs that your web host installs on their web servers. The extensions process certain functions in your FrontPage website when you upload it, like hover buttons, hit counters and, you guessed it, feedback and contact forms.

Create or insert a form on a page in FrontPage and right click on it. Select Form Properties from the avilable options displayed when you right click and fill in your email address.

Save the form page and upload it to your webspace using FrontPage. Click on File, Publish Web and follow the prompts to fill in your web host address, username and password - it's very similar to using a third party FTP program. As long as they have the FrontPage extensions installed your web form will work as you want it to and deliver any submissions to the email address you specified.


  jg1990 17:40 18 Feb 2004

Thanks Taran,

I've created the form, but I can't seem to be able to upload it from FrontPage, the Publish Web wording is greyed out.

What shall I do?


  Taran 17:57 18 Feb 2004

Normally once you open a web the button becomes live.

Open FrontPage then click on File, Open Web and browse to the web folder on your hard drive and double click the index.htm file.

Once it loads into FrontPage, try the publish command again and see where you get. There could be a problem with the installation or you may have to import the site from its home on the web at the moment into a new FrontPage web foldr on your system.

Post again with any problems.


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