How do I create a restore point

  ponytail 09:28 19 Jan 2017

I have just had some work done on my laptop and it is running fine.The person who helped me said I should create a restore point on a regular basis maybe once a fortnight.Can someone tell me how I go about creating a restore point.Saw the following on Google

Right-click the Start button, then select Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System. In the left pane, select System protection. Select the System Protection tab, and then select Create. In the System Protection dialog box, type a description, and then select Create. All I can see system and security cannot see system protection.I am running Windows 7

  alanrwood 09:38 19 Jan 2017

It is a text liune on the very left hand side

  Govan1x 09:39 19 Jan 2017
  ponytail 10:55 19 Jan 2017

Thanks have done it now

  davecartman 11:31 19 Jan 2017

Just to be sure, a restore point restores the system not accidentally lost files, these should be backed up somewhere separately.

  bumpkin 12:11 19 Jan 2017

Now you have created it, test it to make sure it works ok. I found the w7 system restore pretty unreliable.

  ponytail 13:03 20 Jan 2017

As I have just had about 350 windows updates installed on Wednesday and if there was a problem if I did a system restore and went back to the 18th I would not lose those updates is that correct.

  Archonar 13:32 20 Jan 2017

I'm not completely sure of this but I assume that as long as the restore point was created after the updates installed then no you won't lose the updates

  Burn-it 14:36 20 Jan 2017

The restore point will restore to the state it was at when taken.

  Burn-it 14:40 20 Jan 2017

That is just the registry and some important system files. It will not revert EVERYTHING. That is why it is usually a good idea to take a FULL backup before updating.

  bumpkin 16:55 20 Jan 2017

Take a full backup now as Burn-it suggests and then test the restore point. You may also be able to undo the restore from what I remember. Whatever happens you can use the backup if you have to. I used restore all the time with XP but with W7 I gave up. Maybe just me or my set up but that is why I suggest you test it first before relying on it.

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