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How do I create a database and tables using XAMPP?

  K*B 20:00 18 Oct 2013

Hello Friends, I am learning to use XAMPP installed on Win 8 OS. I am interested in MySQL. I've created a database and 1 table. After entering the table name I clicked GO and the data dictionary came up. I know I have created an empty table but how do I see it and populate it using the INSERT command? Basically I dont know what next to do from the data dictionary page and I want to learn to create a database and tables using XAMPP. Could anyone link me to an XAMPP tutorial document that will walk me through the process step by step? Thanks in advance.

  K*B 14:57 02 Nov 2013

Thanks very much altarvic, sorry for leaving my question so vague. What I wanted to ask was how to work with MySQL databases using phpMyAdmin in XAMPP. I just want to learn to create tables in a MySQL database using XAMPP, fill them with data and retrieve these tables to see what they actually look like, and do some manipulations of the data and tables. Also, suppose I manage to write a script using MySQL how can I run it on the MySQL server in XAMPP? Would you kindly give me the link to some tutorial which can walk me through all of these exercises? Thanks in advance. I look forward to your response.

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