How do I create a bootable CD-ROM

  Chitterlow 12:45 06 Jul 2008

Hi Guys. I want to run a BIOS upgrade on my Medion computer and to do this I need to create a bootable CD-ROM which will give me a "MS-DOS prompt. The application and support CD I got with the computer does not give me this option. Can you tell me how to do this? I have NERO.

Regards Chitterlow

  Pamy 12:57 06 Jul 2008
  ambra4 13:09 06 Jul 2008
  David4637 13:33 06 Jul 2008

I hope you know what you are doing, a BIOS upgrade can, if things go wrong, make your PC a pile of c***. David

  Pamy 13:54 06 Jul 2008

not my problem just answered question

  skidzy 14:01 06 Jul 2008

First thing you need to ask yourself;

Do i really need this bios update !!
Is there a specific reason for wanting to update the bios ?

If you have a cd/dvd problem,normally a firmware update will suffice.
Or if a cpu upgrade depending on the motherboard may well indeed need a bios update.

Is there a reason for the bios update ?

Bearing in mind this is a Medion,chances are the bios update is not really needed as i doubt you will gain anything from this.

  Chitterlow 14:24 06 Jul 2008

In addition to the 2 512MB Ram chips, I installed 2 1G modules from Crucial Tech. Although my BIOS reports the full 3Gb installed, when fully booted up Windows "system information only reports 2Gb. Running Crucial's scan shows both new 1Gb modules as 512Mb. Crucial advised me to download a BIOS upgrade from Medion and I have done this but I can't run it because I can't get into the MS-DOS prompt. The supplied "Application and Support" CD does not give me this option. Any ideas?


  skidzy 14:33 06 Jul 2008

Can you post the motherboard make and model please.

Does your manual say the motherboard can support over 2GB ?

If the bios can see the 3GB this maybe a windows problem.

Can you confirm your os and sp package.

  Batch 14:37 06 Jul 2008

First question is , does your PC have a floppy disk drive?

  Chitterlow 16:58 06 Jul 2008

To all you great guys who are trying to help me.

I think before I try anything drastic I will get back onto Medion tech support and see if they can help. I also am wondering now if there may be a Windows solution, as the BIOS is recognizing all the installed RAM.

Thanks a million for your efforts as usual.

Regards Chitterlow

  skidzy 20:04 06 Jul 2008

Lets see if it is windows !

Run SIW click here does this see your ram ?

And Belarc click here

Do you have sp2 or sp3 installed ?

If sp1,you may need the update,and i would recommend it.

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