how do i count time up in excel and average it ?

  Naughty Nigel 21:59 10 May 2005

I am trying to bulid a file that shows my average work hours over 17 weeks .You're guessed it I'm a lorry driver.

  Belatucadrus 23:16 10 May 2005

In lieu of any Excel experts, here's what works on Star and I believe the functions are compatible.

Format the input data cell range to time format [HH]:MM:SS then in the cell you want to use as the average put in the function =AVERAGE(A3:A6)
A3 being the top cell and A6 the bottom, substitute whatever yours is. I've assumed the data was entered in a single column.
VoG probably knows a much more elegant way of doing it, so it may be worth waiting for him.

  daba 23:40 10 May 2005

... I have tested above on excel 97, works fine.

Only confusing thing is the formatting - it is not one of the 'Time' formats, but needs to be entered as a 'Custom' format.

If you only want hours and minutes, use [h]:mm as the custom format, and if you want the hours to have a leading zero (like 24-hour clock), then use [hh]:mm

The square brackets around the hours enables the display to show greater than 24 hours, otherwise excel displays 04:00 for 28 hours, upsetting the averaging.

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