how do i copy music from cd to my new mp3 player

  ozzy 123 12:23 26 Sep 2004

Hi Every one thanks for taking the time to read this .
i recently purchased a ministry of sound mp3 stix player but i cant copy playable music files to the said device.
the insructions just say to copy music from disc to the device the way you would any other file.
i tried using windows media player to copy my album to device.when i open the mp3 players files on the pc it only shows them as being a windows media file which is not playable on my device and not a mp3 file which i need to be able to play on my device.
can any one please help me copy music from cd to playable mp3 files to use on my mp3 player.
i am running on windows xp.
many thanks in advance.

  gillersuk 12:37 26 Sep 2004

you need to download and install a different player than windows media player. i use musicmatch but real player works as well. both are free to use but you can improve them at a cost. both will rip music files from a CD onto your computer in MP3 or MP3pro format which you can then copy onto your player.

  Magik ®© 12:41 26 Sep 2004

with my iRiver, not sure if yours is the same, but the PC see's it as another HDD, so i just drag the files into the mp3 player, or have i lost the plot?

  Magik ®© 12:45 26 Sep 2004

oh, i have lost the plot..........i put in the free music match jukebox, connect the HI-FI to PC, record them onto the PC, then carry on as above.....

  ozzy 123 12:56 26 Sep 2004

My mp3 player came bundled with music match jukebox. but it doesnt recognise my player. and when i went to file and then convert to convert the cd to mp3 it didnt show the album i wanted to convert. so im really lost. i my just send the player back and give it up as a bad job

  gillersuk 13:01 26 Sep 2004

the convert feature on music match is to convert files already on your computer. i don't know what version of music match you have, but on the latest and the last four or five put the cd in the drive, go to view on the musicmatch toolbar, press view recorder. A recorder box should open allowing you to enter the track names manually or if connected to the internet it will connect to cddb and download the track listings automatically. then press the record button and musicmatch will copy the files in mp3 format to your hrad disk. options on where it saves the files can be found in options--settings. musicmatch wont recognise your player unless you download a plug-in. go to options--add-new-features to download a plugin. if it doesn't have one for your mp3 player then drag-and-drop in explorer. hope that helps!

  gillersuk 13:11 26 Sep 2004

i've had a look on the musicmatch web site and i don't think a plug-in is available for the Ministry of Sound Stix player, so you'll have to find the files on your computer and either drag-and-drop them into your portable device or right click-->send-to-->portable device.

  ozzy 123 13:37 26 Sep 2004

hi gillersuk.
many thanks for your good advice but with the fear of sounding thick how do i drag and drop my player into music match using explorer.
many thanks once again

  gillersuk 13:47 26 Sep 2004

sorry, i didn't mean that. i mean drag-and-drop the music files from your computer to your portable device. To do that, open up explorer and find your music files default i think is My MP3s or it could be My Music. in a seperate window open your portable device by finding it on My Computer. Then click-and-drag all the music files you want into the portable device by selecting them all and then click and hold, and then drag down to the the start-bar and hover over the button that says the name of the drive that your portable device has taken (probably D: or E: depending on how many optical devices you have). The window will pop up to display the contents of your portable player (empty) and then just drop the files (by unclicking the mouse). A progress bar will come up showing how long it will take to copy the files over. Have you managed to copy the music from the CDs to your computer?

  ozzy 123 14:19 26 Sep 2004

hi once again gillersuk.
your Advice worked many thanks your a super star.
good luck with every thing you do.
best wishes ozzy..

  intel 19:06 27 Dec 2004

is there a programe to put multi cds on one disc? many thanks.

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