How do I copy a friends Hard Drive

  PhiltheFragger 17:34 15 Aug 2003

I have a chum whose Hdd is dying.Have got a replacement drive and want to know the best way to copy the whole drive. Running win 98 SE

I think i will try to install Ghost or Drive Image on his system and mirror the C drive, then install the New drive as a slave and copy the image to it then swap them over. and bin the old one.

Comments please

That is assuming that his flakey hard drive can install and run the program. if it can't, can i install it on my system and then put in his old HDD as a slave . copy drive and then Copy it to the new drive.

Does this sound ok or am I talking rubbish?

My system uses XP Is this a problem.

Finally, Ghost or Drive Image? which one or is there an alternative


  Jester2K II 17:43 15 Aug 2003

If it can't, can i install it on my system and then put in his old HDD as a slave . copy drive and then Copy it to the new drive.

Yes to an extent. That extent is how bad the hdd is. If it fails or crashes then then it might crash your PC.

The best bet (if it is that bad) would be to get it into your PC and copy the contents over you your HDD. Ghost might be too much work and trouble if the drive is really playing up.

  Jester2K II 17:44 15 Aug 2003

Oh and better to reinstall the OS on a new HDD rather than just copy the contents over and expect it to work.

Then you can copy the old data to a new folder on his new drive in your PC, he can pop the drive back in his PC and recover the data from that folder.

  PhiltheFragger 17:54 15 Aug 2003

I want to copy the entire drive rather than save the data files as he has lost the system recovery discs with os and drivers , Also he is running a web site from the puter and it just would be so much easier not to reinstall from scratch

  Jester2K II 17:56 15 Aug 2003

You can copy the entire disk to your disk.

However it might NOT work when you copy it back. Can't think of a reason other than corrupt files due to a dodgy HDD.

  Rayuk 18:18 15 Aug 2003

What hard drive have you bought as some manufacturers have software to copy your existing drive to the new one.
Maxtor is 1 example

  Diemmess 18:25 15 Aug 2003

Make a ghost image on a partition other than C: on the new drive or on yet another HD. Also and separately, copy the essential data to the same drive.

Then "restore" the Ghost image to C: on the new HD.

If the new one now runs faultlessly, you have won.

If not, then a complete new installation is needed and you can simply copy the data back when ready.

  Megatyte 18:38 15 Aug 2003

As Rayuk said, most manufacturers have utilities to do exactly what you want. They also partition and format the drive.


  PhiltheFragger 19:02 15 Aug 2003

The Old Hard Drive is a Quantum Fireball

The new one happens to be a Maxtor

Assuming that the 2 manufacturers are incompatable software wise, would you opt for Norton Ghost or Drive Image


  Megatyte 19:11 15 Aug 2003

Download MaxBlast3 from click here

As long as the new drive is Maxtor it makes no difference what the other one is.


  woodchip 19:13 15 Aug 2003

If I was you I would install the drive in your computer as Slave, then use Drive Image to copy the Drive Image to your Drive, split the image and copy it to CD's so you can install it from the CD's this can be done even if bios does not run CD direct by using a combination of the Win98 Floppy to load CD drivers then change to the number two Drive Image Floppy disc and run it's .exe file

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