How do I convert a TTF font type to EOT font type.

  Red Devil 18:02 17 Nov 2005

.........without using Microsfot's WEFT tool?

I've tried using the tool and don't really like it. All I want to do is convert a TTF file to EOT. I know how to inbed the @font-face command myself into my website's design so don't need WEFT to TRY and do it for me and then report false error after false error while doing so.

I just want the file conversion done, that's it. Are there any other programs out there that can do this for me?


  Red Devil 20:48 17 Nov 2005

Managed to get Microsoft WEFT working.

Now the font I wanted my site to use is succesfully embedded into the pages on my website. I've done it as an inline style - really need to start a .css file for this site and link to it externally. I'm sure it'll make the site a lot cleaner and leaner.

Anyway, the site works the way I want it to - if you use Internet Explorer for your browser.

Apparently there's another method of embedding fonts for Netscape that I'm going to look at implementing.

Opera and Firefox users will have to miss out, though, as neither browser supports font embedding at the present time from what I've read.

  Red Devil 21:59 17 Nov 2005

Hi John,

Ticked as requested.

And I'm normally one who's pretty prompt in ticking their threads as resolved too!

  dwinzer 00:40 31 May 2006

Okay, so for those of us who still need an answer to this burning question ...

How can I convert a .ttf to an .eot without using WEFT?

I don't know how often I'll check back here, so if anyone with an answer would be so kind as to e-mail [email protected] ... Thanks.

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