How do i convert audio cd to mp3

  minicity843 19:58 24 Oct 2004

As above please also what would i need to download and how do i go about the transforming of normall audio to mp3 as i dont have a clue please explain in idiot terms as im no good at this computer stuff.


  Warrrllop 20:04 24 Oct 2004


You'll be able to save the files in WMA format using Media Player, and then you'll need to buy some software to convert the files when they're on your PC. There are free programmes, or those that offer free trials if you search though.

Be careful not to infringe on anyone's copyright!

  Eargasm 20:10 24 Oct 2004

Download dbpoweramp from click here its free and easy to use just follow the instructions to convert to mp3

  wobblymike 20:48 24 Oct 2004

If you use Nero 6 as your CD burning software you can install a plug in (MP3PRO) which will allow you to rip audio tracks and convert to MP3 (copyright permitting). I use this a lot and find it excellent. If you are interested further post back and I can walk you through it.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:50 24 Oct 2004

click here I use this and it will rip your cd and save the tracks as mp3 on your drive....T

  THE TERMINATOR 22:51 24 Oct 2004

by the way it is free, and easy to use....T

  minicity843 08:49 25 Oct 2004

Cheers guys you have been very helpful as this is my first post on here keep up the good work

i will try the above now, also i have nero burner 5.5 is this any good or should i upgrade to nero 6?

many thanks


  Sethhaniel 08:56 25 Oct 2004

Nero 6.3
Dont think you need them all But..........
InCD4305.exe 8,834kb InCd
nero63125.exe 28,937kb Nero
NMP14023.exe 7,205kb Nero Music Player
NVE21218.exe 28,931

from click here


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:08 25 Oct 2004

i recommend Eargasm link it is a great piece of software,you can convert using this i use it all the time.

  Mango Grummit 12:56 25 Oct 2004

This was a commercial offering initially and if you wanted it you had to buy it, and I did, but it's free now see click here NOTE: It copies the audio digitally-not through the soundcard so reproduction is v good -- sound even ('nuther lost joke?).

I've used it since Adam was a lad and have never tried anything else so I can't offer comparisons.

It's fairly certain that something else is just as good though.


  minicity843 13:03 25 Oct 2004

cheers guys you have been a great help and i have now done my first mp3 cd from my cd collection and it was nice and easy.

once again thanks for the help


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