How do I control my downloads?

  chews 15:38 16 Sep 2008

Just recently when I download a file from the internet, it disappears to some temp location. It does'nt prompt me for my destination folder. Where can I find the settings so that I can tell it where to dump the file?
This is driving me crazy so any help would be much appreciated.

  peter99co 15:54 16 Sep 2008

When the download is offered you should click save and browse for destination. Once this has been done once It usually become the normal destination. I choose to download to Desktop and then open from there.

  peter99co 15:56 16 Sep 2008

You may have clicked save and not set the destination and it chose the default and still is.

  exdragon 15:58 16 Sep 2008

If you create a folder on your destop and name it Downloads, not only will you have them all in one place, but you can back it up on a regular basis if you have lots of downloads/updates. Then, if a programme goes pear-shaped and you have to re-install it, you have all the updates to hand without having to find them again on the original websites.

  sinbads 21:03 16 Sep 2008

Plus you can scan the file for viruses before you open them.

  Sea Urchin 23:00 16 Sep 2008

Which browser are you using?

  chews 08:21 17 Sep 2008

Thanks to all for your replies.
I am using IE ver 7.
In the past I have always been offered the choice of where to d/l the file and I would tick the box then shoose my destination and never had a problem,sometimes to the desktop and sometimes to my own 'temp'.
Iam not given a choice now and I have no control because the d/l just whizzes somewhere into no mans land. It's as though it has reverted back to a default setting and I want to know which box to either tick or untick.
I will probably take up 'exdragons' suggestion once I get this going again.

  Sea Urchin 12:36 17 Sep 2008

This thread from another forum seems to have a similar problem - it might be worth scrolling down to Alan Edwards' answer half way down and investigating that

click here

  chews 15:47 17 Sep 2008

Thanks Sea Urchin I don't think that is my problem and I can't really follow it although it may seem to be the opposite to my problem,i'm not sure.

I may not have made myself very clear so I'll try again;
When I ask to d/l a file, I am confronted with the File Download box. Withing the box is the following: "do you want to open this file?


"Always ask before opening this file" (there is a box in front of this statement which requires a tick or not. I used to have a tick)

At the moment I do not get this box with these choices and I am wondering what I have done to lose it. More importantly how do I reactivate it?

  exdragon 18:25 17 Sep 2008

If you select Save, can't you then browse to your designated file - for example, your newly created download file on your desktop? I've just tried a download and it works for me!

  exdragon 18:26 17 Sep 2008

You can then go into the file, open your download and run it from there

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