How do I connect to screens to one pc?

  SonnyB 21:31 18 Jan 2007

Can anyone tell me how I attach two screens to my pc so that I can run a different application on each and use the cursor across both screens, as if they were one?

  Technotiger 21:36 18 Jan 2007

Hi, you need a graphics card which supports dual display.

  SonnyB 22:09 18 Jan 2007

Thanks, how do I check if my card supports dual monitors?

  woodchip 22:19 18 Jan 2007

If it only support one it would be cheaper to just buy another card and fit it in a free slot. It would have to be a PCI card.

  SonnyB 22:33 18 Jan 2007

How can I check if it can support another monitor?

  anskyber 22:37 18 Jan 2007

To check if your PC will support two monitors simply look to see if the socket you connect your current monitor to has one similar next to it. If it does you are OK. One may be DVI. click here

  woodchip 22:41 18 Jan 2007

One quick way is look at the back of the computer to where the Monitor connects, if it's to a socket where all the other things like USB are then it's a onboard Graphics, only one output. But if a Card is fitted it will be a strip of metal with monitor connected to it, and may have another socket on the strip with lots of holes this should take a monitor with the correct adapter

  ed-0 22:45 18 Jan 2007

Right click an empty space on the desktop > properties > settings > Do you have two screens like this click here

if you have, you have dual output.

  SonnyB 22:47 18 Jan 2007

Thanks all, It has only one output so I guess that means I need another card.

  woodchip 22:47 18 Jan 2007

Hi ed-0

Sat dish blown down today hear.

  ed-0 22:54 18 Jan 2007

Hi woodchip, things ain't running to smoothly for you, at the moment, are they. Hand any better.

It must have been hellish with the wind driving over the pennines. It was bad enough here, near the east coast, after it had traveled across the country.

So it's out with the drill, is it and longer bolts.:-)

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