How do I connect my network to broadband?

  Red Devil 12:07 31 May 2003

Ok, I'm soon to get broadband in my area (July 16th) and I'm wondering as to the best way to connect my network to a broadband connection.

I've got 3 computers on my network (but no server and the network runs really slow when I've got all 3 connected) and currently my setup is to have my main desktop PC as the computer that connects via modem to the internet with ICS running and to connect via this computer with the other 2.

So how do I go about connecting this setup to broadband?

Do I keep the setup I have at the moment and just replace the modem I've got with a broadband modem?

Do I get a broadband router instead with the same setup?

What if I build a dedicated server? If I buy a case then I've got enough bits to build a server. What would be the best way of connecting a server/3 client computer setup to broadband?

Any advice (or links to websites that deal with this sort of thing) would be much appreciated.

  Rayuk 13:13 31 May 2003

Broadband via ?????
phone line or cable

  Red Devil 13:18 31 May 2003

I'll be getting broadband via a phoneline. I live on an island and, apparantly, it's too expensive to bring cable to us.

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