how do I connect to the internet on holiday?

  woowoowoo 14:40 21 Jun 2006

Hi - I connect to the internet with Tiscali broadband on an unlimited package. Is it possible to use my laptop to connect to the internet while I am on hiliday through the hotel line? I know I had to put in my telephone number when I signed up, so I guess the answer is going to be "no". In that case what is the best way to get online with my laptop?
Thanks for reading.

  anchor 14:54 21 Jun 2006

Your best way would be to use something like "Adial".

click here

No registration, and local call rates.

I am positive that you won`t be able to use Tiscali broadband.

  Taff™ 15:54 21 Jun 2006

I presume you`re on holiday in the UK - If so just set up a Tiscali dial up account using your Broadband username and password. Be careful though because hotels will charge you exhorbitant rates to use their lines. It`s cheaper to use an Internet Cafe and webmail.

Post back if you`re going to be abroad - tell us which country you`re going to. Is your laptop wireless enabled by any chance?

  woowoowoo 16:34 21 Jun 2006

Thanks for the advice, hols in the UK - in view of all this, I think it is going to be cheaper to go to the local library. Damn - I had visions of me surfing the net with me feet up and a bottle of wine

  bluto1 20:14 21 Jun 2006

When I go on holiday I tend to treat it as a holiday, you know, enjoying the sights of young ladies in bikinis, and if they aren`t abundant enough just lying in the warm sand and dreaming of them. And I`m only 70. Why worry about the `net when you youngsters should be enjoying life. It`ll be there when you get home.

Signed: The Dreamer.

  bluto1 20:16 21 Jun 2006

Relaxing with a bottle of wine, eh. What sort and how many bottles?

  woowoowoo 22:01 21 Jun 2006

Well - I like to keep in touch and I have a little village to look after online - how sad am I? And I can email friends with photos of what they are missing! Mainly me, drinking wine - only one bottle at a time, as to what kind - not fussed really, nice dry white or fruity red. And I have a nice shiny new laptop!

  spuds 22:33 21 Jun 2006

I think the Forum Editor is the one for this question. He travels extensively, and always seems to have a connection to the UK. Drop him a line, and direct him to this thread.

  Taff™ 02:07 22 Jun 2006

Create a new dial up connection with tiscali using your current credentials click here

Check if the hotel has a broadband connection you can use - even better if they will let you use a wireless connection.

  pj123 18:06 23 Jun 2006

Why would you want to do that? Holidays are "Get away from it all".

That is: Mobile phones, internet, TV, etc.

I don't understand anyone who wants to watch TV or log on to the Internet while on holiday.

  ade.h 19:01 23 Jun 2006

"I don't understand anyone who wants to watch TV or log on to the Internet while on holiday."

Here, here!

On the rare occasion that I get a break from it, the "office" is closed!

(Mind you, pj; with your acknowledged forum addiction, it would be like cold turkey! ;-D )

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