How do I Connect 2 PC's to AOL brodband

  joethebow 21:04 17 Jul 2005

I have 2 PC's. Both AMD K7 running Win XP SP2. One PC has USB 1, the other USB 2. Both have Lan connectors. I have a BT Voyager Router which has both LAN & USB connections.

How do I connect both PC's so that they can connect to my AOL 2Mb service?

What extra hardware/cables do I need?

What software do I need and how do I use it?

How do I get them both to talk to the net at the same time without interfeering with each other or with the connection?

  Taff36 22:04 17 Jul 2005

Let us know which Voyager madem you have but I say Go Wireless - click here

  THE SLAYER 22:42 17 Jul 2005

JUST DONE IT,oops shouting,got myslf a speedtouch router from Ebay,(20 mtres of patch cable,)(a bit long)installed the software,on each pc,so easy,fixed a mates pc this morning,stuck the router driver on his,did all the final sorting with both of us connected.I'm AOL;have been for years,

  goonerbill © ® 22:47 17 Jul 2005

was going to point you to a posting of mine but Taff36 has done it already. if you wish to go for the wireless option, follow his advice.

  Taff36 23:01 17 Jul 2005

Madem? Modem I meant! Don`t just follow my advice have a look at what the other people on the forum recommend - follow the other threads and make notes. Once you`ve decided how to set it up, find the right equipment (of your choice, price range and availability) and from there others will help you along the way. That`s what this forum is all about. Fun giving and receiving advice!

  joethebow 23:30 17 Jul 2005

It's a BT 200 Voyager Router.

  Taff36 23:58 17 Jul 2005

Ok with what you`ve got click here - it`s an ethernet cable ADSL router modem (not wireless of course) so you need the cat5 cables between each computer LAN card and the modem. This modem will then connect to your AOL through the phone socket and allow both computers to network.

The only trouble is that unless you pay for AOL premium service they probably won`t support you to set it up unless they supplied it. No matter, once we`ve done that anyway only one computer at a time will be allowed to connect (I believe) If a second logs on with the same credentials both get cut off so once the first logs on the second simply opens internet explorer and surfs away. You won`t be able to both get e-mail or use AOL services at the same time though.

  Snec 00:58 18 Jul 2005

"You won`t be able to both get e-mail or use AOL services at the same time though."

Well you will if you use a different account and with AOL you can have up to seven, but you knew that!

  Taff36 06:50 18 Jul 2005

No I didn`t! I`ve avoided AOL like the plague since the days when their installation was so invasive you couldn`t get rid of it! (Ten Years ago probably) Having done my first AOL Wireless set up only 2 months ago for a friend he reported that when two people logged on the AOL connection dropped. I`m not sure now if he and his wife used different logins now you mention it.

Have you experience of being able to have more than one connection through a modem simultaneously to seperate accounts with AOL?

  The BB 09:31 18 Jul 2005

On AOL if the Master account logs in then it is documented as throwing others off - but with seven accounts you should reserve the Master for Masterful things only and use normal accounts for e-mail etc.
Sounds like your friend set up the Master account and thats it - hence the conflict

  The BB 09:32 18 Jul 2005

Hit the button too soon, answer to your question, on AOL here and had three accounts active at the samer time, also note that I don't have to start AOL to use explorer or the rather nifty google earth search that is currently consuming my bandwidth ... (good thing its unmetered)

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