How do I conn 2 PCs to One Monitor

  prince midas 16:25 30 Apr 2011

I bought a new Monitor about 6 Months ago aand I have now got a new Windows 7 PC.The old Pc is XP. My son tells me my new PC would support running 2 PCs from one monitor, but the monitor I bought will not.I am not going to buy another monitor.

I find that if I want to use the other Pc I must swap the Power lead & Monitor connections over.This is a pain. Can I buy a connector with 2 power sockets & 2 monitor connectors.

  canarieslover 16:29 30 Apr 2011

You need a Keyboard, Video, Mouse switch. link text

  LastChip 17:05 30 Apr 2011

Be very careful.

canarieslover is quite correct, but, Windows 7 is notorious for KVM switches. Make sure you choose one that has native Windows 7 support, otherwise, you could be very disappointed and waste your money.

I know Aten have switches that comply and no doubt there are others, but choose carefully. Aten UK

  Woolwell 18:53 30 Apr 2011

A new PC should not make any difference to running 2 PC's to one monitor but it could make a difference with 1 PC and 2 Monitors.

KVM switches have been around for some time.

  robin_x 19:00 30 Apr 2011

What do you need/use/run on the XP machine?

I use remote access Logmein or Teamviewer from laptop to Desktop. But it's limited usage.

I may set up the TV tuner card to record something. Or set a video transcoding job going.

It's not really suitable to do a lot of actual work or play a game that way.

  prince midas 11:04 01 May 2011

I wish to keep various old programs going back 25 years which still run on XP but not Windows 7. Can I buy an Aten in West Yorkshire anywhere.

  LastChip 13:21 02 May 2011

The easiest way (in my view) is to order it on-line.

This is the switch I know that works and is reasonably priced:

CS22U Switch

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