How do I completely erase Outlook email?

  splinternet 09:43 29 Apr 2003

I want to ensure some Outlook email I received is completely deleted. Moving it to 'DELETED ITEMS' just flags it, I guess. If I delete it from DELETED ITEMS, is it completely scrubbed from my pc or is it still lurking somewhere?

  AndySD 10:15 29 Apr 2003

Its gone... unless you use a backup program to backup your mail.

  splinternet 10:25 29 Apr 2003

So it couldn't be reconstituted by some re-fragmentation s/w or hacker? I have some very sensitive commercial data which I wouldn't want available, e.g. if I have to put the laptop in for repair or when I pass it on to someone else.

  1514 10:26 29 Apr 2003

You could try this:- click here

  AndySD 10:54 29 Apr 2003

Well it could be recovered but it would take some determined effort and time. After its deleted windows will show the space as free and rewrite over it.

If you are passing it on then you should format it and reinstall to make things harder to recover. If its realy sensative data then you should replace the drive before passing it on.

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