how do I clear my postings

  vinnyo123 01:18 17 May 2003

????? how do I clear my postings and reply's on this sight list is getting to big.......

  hugh-265156 01:23 17 May 2003

i dont think you can.

  vinnyo123 02:03 17 May 2003

do they have a web master or administrater to e-mail and ask don't see a link .Pretty sure they would like to free up space on there servers lol

  Djohn 02:14 17 May 2003

Look at the yellow bar below this post, you will see a button, "Contact moderator". Click on that and send your request to FE.

Not sure how it can be done though, as removing yours will involve removing many post from other forum users as well. Contact FE though and he will explain if this is possible. J.

  hugh-265156 02:25 17 May 2003

why do you want to remove?it will help others like myself that search for solutions to thier problems.but if there is any that you want to edit or remove then do as Djohn says above.

  Djohn 02:29 17 May 2003

Surely the post you have made will be of help to other users. J.

  vinnyo123 03:45 17 May 2003

I have been on sight for awhile now and originally came here because I am in the process of learning myself (so many things to know in in the IT world)and my personal postings are growing rapidly and was just curious if I could get rid of some that I would not need .Then again if it involves everybody else I'll live with it.....

Thanks for the respones

  Forum Editor 08:02 17 May 2003

they form part of our forum archive, so like it or not your words are there for posterity.

Your posts aren't taking up any space on your machine of course - they're archived in our databases - so if you don't need to see them you don't have to, just don't look.

  watchful 08:53 17 May 2003

Is there not a way to attribute 'My Postings' only to the actual person starting the thread?

When I first went to this section I didn't expect every thread to come up where perhaps I had just made a comment or a 'refresh'.

All the threads would still be archived for searching.

It would make each members postings list so much shorter and also make it easier to search for one of your own threads.

My list of over 10 pages contains only about a dozen questions that I started.

  Forum Editor 08:56 17 May 2003

This could be done, but feedback tells us that it isn't what forum members generally want.

  watchful 09:09 17 May 2003

It's what I want and I'm sure many others would agree.

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