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How do I clean a printhead - HP Photo 5520 ?

  Furkin 12:04 22 Jan 2018

The black ink started too play up,so I installed a non genuine one.

The print was appalling so I contacted the retailer. After a couple of messages and samples, he said it was a blocked head, not the cartridge. I don't usually agree with sales people, but the more I looked into it, the more it was feasible.

I've removed the printhead a couple of times now, and cleaned the heads. I did see a difference each time, so the blockage idea seems confirmed.

However, it still has blockages.

I used isopropanol and cotton buds. The second time, I soaked it for an hour or so, but it's still blocked.

I looked at getting a new head,,,, until I saw the price.

How do I get this thing clean ?


  alanrwood 10:27 21 Feb 2018

Have you tried blowing warm cleaner through the print head and leaving it for a few days soaking in the cleaner. Never had a failure yet.

If it does not work then the tiny heating elements have probably been damaged

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