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How do I clean a printhead - HP Photo 5520 ?

  Furkin 12:04 22 Jan 2018

The black ink started too play up,so I installed a non genuine one.

The print was appalling so I contacted the retailer. After a couple of messages and samples, he said it was a blocked head, not the cartridge. I don't usually agree with sales people, but the more I looked into it, the more it was feasible.

I've removed the printhead a couple of times now, and cleaned the heads. I did see a difference each time, so the blockage idea seems confirmed.

However, it still has blockages.

I used isopropanol and cotton buds. The second time, I soaked it for an hour or so, but it's still blocked.

I looked at getting a new head,,,, until I saw the price.

How do I get this thing clean ?


  The Kestrel 12:28 22 Jan 2018

Try this link click here

  martd7 14:28 22 Jan 2018

Have you run the black cartridge on few clean cycles,I have a Hp it's usually the cartridge blocked,if it's the cartridge carrier then cheaper to buy a new printer as I assume you found out

  alanrwood 15:23 22 Jan 2018

Remove the print head as described in the above link.

Get a jet cleaning kit which includes a syringe and ink softener/Cleaner from eBay for example then follow the instructions. It can take quite a while for the blocked jet to soften and clear so don't put too much pressure on the syringe or it will damage the jet heater filament.

I have used this one successfully in the past.

click here the cheapest so you could maybe try a cheaper kit by searching eBay.


  alanrwood 15:24 22 Jan 2018

Forum screw up again. bAlways seems to be a problem with links.

It should say "Not the cheapest ---"

  alB 17:33 22 Jan 2018

I used this kit to unblock a printer that hadn't been used for over twelve months, took a few go's and a bit of help from their support but got there in the end, I have no affiliation with this company but am a satisfied customer. enter link description here

  Furkin 10:08 23 Jan 2018

Thanks again guys,

KESTREL: I had followed that particular link before posting. What I don't get, is at the end it says to remove the plastic tray, and the printhead is now clean ?!?! Of course I didn't think it meant to leave the tray out !!

The kits look o.k. I have everything except the adapters.

I Initially tried blowing through the heads,,,,, apparently, black lip-stick doesn't suit me !

If I can't make/adapt something, i'll have to get a kit.

Thanks all for reading and helping.

  alanrwood 10:41 23 Jan 2018


If you blow too hard on the blocked jet you can damage the heating element so be very careful. That is why In gave the warning in my earlier post

  Furkin 10:44 23 Jan 2018

Thanks Alan - understood.

I'll order a kit today, and report back.

  Furkin 08:50 21 Feb 2018

Well guys, I've tried two similar items but to no avail.

It seems that if the head is fully blocked, then it may be possible to to blow some gunge out. Mine is partially blocked, so the substance just drains through the available holes, and not touching the blocked ones.

A new head is out of the question, so looks like the thing is [email protected]@ered.

I may be able to use it for colour printing, as long as it dosn't need the black - tests are needed.

Thanks for your help guys.

  wee eddie 10:27 21 Feb 2018

If you are happy with the printer, in general terms, it may be worthwhile considering buying a used one on ebay

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