How do I clean info from a PC but leave Windows?

  BIGBAGGY 20:15 24 Jun 2005

I got a Laptop from a friend and I tried to setup an account with my Poker site but the message comes back 2this computer is already registered. My friend also used the same company. I have tried deleting Cookies and also using Adaware and Window Washer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the SW but nothing works. How do I get this to look as it is, a new owner. What is it that they use to track the user if not a cookie? and how do I delete it?

  ianeon 20:27 24 Jun 2005

Uninstall the programme and clean your registry using "Regseeker" from click here
and use "RegscrubXP" fromclick here Thes programmes are free and are very good. After uninstalling you could manually inspect your programmes folder for the programme folder and delete it. This should hopefully remove any registration details of the programme.

  Mandy265 20:31 24 Jun 2005

Sometimes users download ActiveX controls from sites, this is hardly ever a good idea but it could be your problem.

  woodchip 20:35 24 Jun 2005

It's reading info in the Registry but where?????

Could even be in a Setup File

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