How do I check running temperatures

  GroupFC 17:21 17 Mar 2003

I am a novice computer user and I have been following any number of postings to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can.

I notice from an earlier posting by Andsome click here that he is able to check what temperatures his system is running at.

Please could somebody tell me how I check this and also how to know whether they are OK or not?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  Pilch.... 17:27 17 Mar 2003

Called Speed fan, good for that, or you can buy bits of hardware that can display the temperature on teh front of your case, but they tend to be for more experienced user's.

  Rayuk 17:29 17 Mar 2003

You can download a monitor programme to do this an example is Motherboard Monitor
click here
Have a read through the Information list may help you

  powerless 17:31 17 Mar 2003

click here if your motherboard has the hardware to monitor temps, this will show you within windows.

If your compuer is running fine, then temperatures would appear to be ok.

  GroupFC 17:41 17 Mar 2003

Thank you for your replies.

I have already downloaded Aida32, but to be honest a lot of it might as well have been written in greek!!

This is pobably all a bit beyond me at the moment, so I think I'll go with powerless's suggestion as the computer is running fine so I assume the temperatures are OK!

  microswift 19:20 17 Mar 2003

If by any chance your PC has an Asus mobo, on the cd-rom that came with it there will be an app called PC Probe, which when installed will display core temperatures and fan rotation speeds, if not, ignore.

  Mango Grummit 21:05 17 Mar 2003

First of all .. why do you want to know temperature? Unless you have a problem, or you're bored, don't worry about it. There are computers running in Saudi quite happily with the same spec as yours and that is a much hotter place.

Having said that I don't know where you are from lol. :o).

  GroupFC 22:13 17 Mar 2003

Love the name!!

No I'm not in Saudi (that neck of the woods is far too hot!!).

I was just interested and curious as I'm keen to learn as much as possible about the thing that "her indoors" says takes up far too much of my time (at least it gets me away from the kids!).

  hugh-265156 22:44 17 Mar 2003

i use aida32 and find it really helpful.i too am just trying to find out as much info as i can.i have a packard bell pc and the info that came with it is poor all components are listed as nec computers etc.aida identifies the actual make of my mobo monitor graphics card memory voltages etc with links to the manufacturers for the temperature monitor it is not as accurate as in the bios.i have learnt more from this forum though than any program.

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