How do I check my Email

  powerless 21:03 20 Sep 2003

Balloon Tip Style?

click here

I do not have Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET

  Switcher 21:17 20 Sep 2003

Use POP3 Scan Mail Box from click here

  MAJ 21:20 20 Sep 2003

Could you explain a little more, Powerless, I couldn't be bothered reading all that. What's the problem you're having, mate?

  powerless 21:26 20 Sep 2003

The problem i belive is you need Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET to actually have the ballon tips pop up and also a check to be made on POP3 boxes.

There must be another way?

Switcher - Thanks but i'll wait.

  powerless 21:46 20 Sep 2003

I guess i need a Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET user to see this ;-)))

  VoG II 21:53 20 Sep 2003

Yep! And whilst you could just copy and paste from the examples provided, you would also have to teach yourself Visual Basic.

  powerless 21:57 20 Sep 2003

VB....Hey vog don't you know that ;-))) Hint hint wink wink ;-)))

  VoG II 22:02 20 Sep 2003

Nudge, nudge

Actually I know Visual Basic for Applications and specifically for Excel.

Visual Basic itself is another matter - I can understand the code that you posted but I couldn't have written it, if that makes sense.

  powerless 19:15 21 Sep 2003

I understand what you are saying.

Of all the places to come to and there aint even a Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET user :-(

  VoG II 20:55 21 Sep 2003

Try closing this thread and starting another titled along the lines of "Visual Basic Script to Check E-mail".

That's if you have time bearing in mind your professional song writing activities! ;o))))

  powerless 21:04 21 Sep 2003


The song shall be written, one day...

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