How do I check hard drive

  Hetti 09:22 10 Sep 2006

When I check my hard disc via "My Computer" > hard disc drives, the drive shows "capacity 48.8 total and 40.5 free space", but my hard drive is 250 GB.
I downloaded and ran Belarc and it showed hard drive "Maxtor hard drive 251GB, can anyone explian to a dummy why the two figures dont add up?
PC is running fine Ive got no problems, but I would like to understand it possible.

  Noldi 09:38 10 Sep 2006

When you say you are looking at your Hard drive. I think you are only looking at maybe "C" this is only a partion of your hard drive you should also have a "D" partion. C + D should all add up to 250GB


  Hetti 10:07 10 Sep 2006

Thanks thats right, must have seemed silly question to you, but Im a dummie with this stuff.

  Noldi 10:39 10 Sep 2006

Right click the Start button (bottom Left hand corner) select Explorer or the Explorer icon on your desktop click here

Right click the Local disc (The icon with a small blue square in the corner) C,D etc. When you right click each local disc select properties and this shoul give you all the information regarding this partion Capacity etc. Add all these capacitys together and you should have your 250GB.

This is my way of doing it there maybe there is a easier way which somebody on this forum will advise you.


  Noldi 10:49 10 Sep 2006

Sorry just looked again if you click my computer on the desktop or in the explorer list.
This gives you a list of your hard drives then right click each icon and properties. I think that is the simple way.


  Coff 10:53 10 Sep 2006

I think this is a good program - EyeDrives (freeware) click here

  Hetti 11:30 10 Sep 2006

I just did that. drive C says 48.8 total space, 40.5 free space. the other drives are floppy(A), then.... DVD driveE,DVD-RW drive D then four removable drives G,I,F,H, all of the removable drives are completely blue as in used space.

  Hetti 11:33 10 Sep 2006

thanks I just looked at Eyedrives, I will download it now

  ed-0 12:41 10 Sep 2006

What operating system are you using. If it's XP are you using SP2.

Right click my computer and pick manage. In the new window scrool down and pick disk management.

A new window will open on the right hand side.

You will see your hard drive. What are the settings for it. It will look similar to this click here

  Diemmess 16:10 10 Sep 2006

Perhaps try:-
(Selecting in this order)
My Computer >
Storage >
Disk Management>

Now you should see whatever HD configuration you have and a lot of detail about each drive if more than one.

Post back with that lot listed. and someone will give you the explanation you are looking for

  Diemmess 16:18 10 Sep 2006

Right click on my computer first..

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