How do I change the file format from Publisher?

  User-324448 10:07 24 Sep 2003

I have made a brochure and a Vintage Show Programme useing Publisher,Burnt onto a CD, luckily the printer had Publisher and was able to make his printing plates OK, but should I need to use another company I may need to save my work in a different file.How and what?
The brochure made for a pal was saved as usual onto a CD in Publisher but cannot be opened unless the recipient has that programme.And he hasn't. You can see that I am clearly a novice, therefore your reply's should be in a compatable lanuage,ie simple. Thanks in anticipation. Paul.

  Jester2K II 10:09 24 Sep 2003

Open the file in Publisher and then File Menu, Save As - choose a format from the drop down box below where you put the filename.

Not sure what format would be best though...

  User-324448 10:16 24 Sep 2003

Thanks Jester but thats my problem I cannot open the line below to alter the file type as it stays greyed out

  Jester2K II 10:17 24 Sep 2003

Ah you didn't say that!!

What version of Publisher are you using?

  MAJ 10:24 24 Sep 2003

It shouldn't be greyed out, prof., I never use Publisher, but, as with all Office programmes, have you tried the "Detect and Repair" option from the Help Menu?

  alcudia 10:31 24 Sep 2003

2002 will save as Word or Works, but don't know how that will affect the layout etc.
There is also a postscript option and the usual image formats.

There is no .pdf or any dtp option. I would imagine that earlier versions would be even more restrictive. How many pages are we talking of here?

  User-324448 10:33 24 Sep 2003

I have version 98 of Pub. but having tried it on a pals 2000 version I am able to open the drop down menu, however it still doesnt help me as I am not aware of what file will suit all users it even has a Hebrew converter or some such thing

  Jester2K II 10:36 24 Sep 2003

This might be because Publisher 98 and 2000 are not compatible. I'm sure this was discussed a couple of weeks ago.

If you are opening a Publisher 2000 created doc in Publisher 98 then you might well have problems..

Can you confirm this is the case?

  User-324448 10:36 24 Sep 2003

The programme I made has 24 pages, ie 12 A4 folded and the brochure has a single A4 in Landscape folded to make 4 pages

  alcudia 10:38 24 Sep 2003

That kills the save as .tif idea then.

  Jester2K II 10:39 24 Sep 2003

Sorry re-read - you created it in Pub98 and can convert in Pub2000 but not 98??

Are you reading the file direct from the CD or is it a Hard Drive copy?

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