how do i change bios settings for larger h/d

  mgfo 09:44 07 Oct 2003

installing a 20 gb drive in a old machine but it only shows as 8 gb i have fat32 enabled i think i have to change bios it shows cylinders heads and sectors ok but only 8gb

  Gongoozler 10:02 07 Oct 2003

Hi mgfo. It is very unlikely that you can do it with a BIOS setting. Your options are

1) A new motherboard if your system will take it.

2) A flash BIOS upgrade if there is one available for your motherboard.

3) A software overlay if one is available for your new hard drive.

4) A PCI IDE interface card. You plug the card into a spare PCI slot, and the drive into the card. The card BIOS takes over after the motherboard BIOS fails to find a hard drive on the motherboard IDE bus.

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