How do I "call bar" a modem

  Wrinkles 00:01 18 Jan 2003
  Wrinkles 00:01 18 Jan 2003

Right then you brainy lot here is the problem and a warning.
My neighbour has an autistic son who spends lots of time on his PC and enthusiasticly downloads anything that he thinks he would like. He is on Blueyonder so the £10 per month all in means no high phone bills. However there appears to be an insidious scam being perpetuated on the unwary from an increasing number of download sites which works as follows.
You click on the download button and download a "set up" file. click that and the main download begins. What you don't realise is that the SETUp file was in fact a dialer which re routes your line to a premium rate or super premium rate telephone line with fixed (low) speed down load.This has resulted in some horrendous phone bills.
Many of us more seasoned PC user would cotton on but unfortunately this lad can't and even though it is explained to him he can't grasp the concept.
So my project is to force the modem to only dial the ISP number and bar these 090 numbers. Frankly I'm stumped.
So how do I go about it any ideas would be gratefully received.

  Forum Editor 00:11 18 Jan 2003

is a well-known one, and as you say, most experienced computer users would be aware of it.

Unfortunately I know of no way that you can 'call-bar' a modem - the modem simply does what it's told to do by the operating system, and that means the dial up networking default connection.

You may well be able to get BT to call-bar the line if you explain the special circumstances, but don't count on it.

  roversfan 00:12 18 Jan 2003

Simplest answer seems to be to get call barring from telephone provider. This can be set at several levels e.g. ban everything except local calls so there is no need to lose use of your phone or bar all internet access.

Good luck to your neighbour and may the telephone bills fall soon.

  Wrinkles 00:17 18 Jan 2003

Many thanks for the promp replies. I was afraid that would be the case. However maybe someone else has an idea for as you suggested the telephone company were not exactly helpful.

Anyone else with an idea?

  'Kinell 00:26 18 Jan 2003

I think you can ask BT to not allow the line to dial out to any numbers with premium rate prefixes. It can be done to prevent your kids phoning premium rate phone lines and a modem dials out just like a phone so it should work ?

  'Kinell 00:29 18 Jan 2003

Sorry, I posted before I read your reply in the refresh!

  'Kinell 00:36 18 Jan 2003

Have a look here click here

  Cordy13 00:41 18 Jan 2003

The Germans are way ahead of us, they have all kinds of 'modem call barring' proggies. I looked at this one (you'll need to understand German) and it MIGHT work in the UK I have no idea if it will or not. click here
It alerts or bars calls to 0900 numbers which in the UK are also premium numbers.

Maybe someone else could advise if switching to Broadband and disconnecting the Modem/phone line would work.

  jazzypop 02:23 18 Jan 2003

Why not try downloading Spywareblaster, which will kill many of these nasties before they get to the PC, and AdAware, that will also detect many of them.

  jazzypop 02:32 18 Jan 2003

Another approach that might work is to not use a modem at all. If you can get NTL, you can have unlimited surfing via cable broadband for as little as £14.99 per month. ADSL is now dropping to the £17-18 mark. As these diallers rely on the modem, and broadband does not use the modem, the problem is bypassed.

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