How do I burn movies downloaded on Itunes

  alfredgerald 11:35 28 Nov 2008

I have purchased 2 movies from Itunes. I want to play them on my stand alone DVD player. How do I transfer them?

  eedcam 11:47 28 Nov 2008

Dont think you can legally as they are DRM protected.

  alfredgerald 12:26 28 Nov 2008

I have paid for them and want to play them on my DVD player not a computer or Ipod.

  eedcam 12:53 28 Nov 2008

Dont shoot the messenger I dont make the rules

  Pine Man 12:58 28 Nov 2008

What do the T&Cs concerning downloaded movies say on iTunes?

  Pine Man 13:35 28 Nov 2008

Just found this on iTunes help.

'Movies purchased from the iTunes Store can't be burned to a DVD or VCD that will play in a DVD player or Video CD.'

  alfredgerald 14:57 01 Dec 2008

Thanks all. That will teach me to read the small print first.

  [DELETED] 08:54 02 Dec 2008

There are programs about (eg-ZDsoft recorder) that record what is on your monitor. Maybe use one of these and record the film while it plays on your PC. Of course you cannot do anything else while it is recording.

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