How do I burn an ISO file?

  miss stella 19:19 03 Jan 2007

I recently followed instruction from the forum and downloaded Vist beta onto my hard drive. Then with more help made a new partition and burnt the downloaded ISO file onto a DVD. I installed Vista OK.
Now I want to make a new installation disc from another ISO file I have downloaded (not Visa)but try as I may I cannot get the file to burn onto a new DVD, I have tried 3 different brands of DVD including RW but the software refuses to work, it just says Unwritable disk, I did it somehow before. Can anybody tell me how and if I can download sofware which will do the trick.


  thms 19:27 03 Jan 2007

I use nero for burning. To burn iso go to recorder select burn image then select your iso file click burn.

You may be better using a cd rather than a dvd.
Vista is only on dvd because of its size.
Most programs will fit a standard cd.

  sean-278262 19:31 03 Jan 2007

CDburner XP - click here
Img Burn - click here

Both available free.

Former has more on offer but a larger download
Latter lighter and easier to use

  miss stella 19:33 03 Jan 2007

Thanks thms,
I only have DLA software and for some funny reason it worked before, I followed the instructions I was given on this forum and downloaded software by Fienman (I think) but DLA came into it somewhere.


  miss stella 20:03 03 Jan 2007

Thanks Creature of the Nite,
Sorry I must have posted m last reply at the same time as you and missed yours.
Am on with it now.
Thanks all.


  Strawballs 20:20 03 Jan 2007

Can recomend CD Burner xp pro

  BRYNIT 21:30 03 Jan 2007

How big is this file? If the file is small enough to fit on a CD try burning to a CD. CD ISO's will not burn to DVD's.

  miss stella 21:49 03 Jan 2007

My thanks to all of you for your replies.
The file was 12Mb and it was burnt to a cd and the program installed fine. I am still confused as to why Vista went on a DVD with the same set up.
Thanks again,

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