how do I burn this file to a DVD disk??

  laptopdunce 16:59 28 Jul 2013

I have a small video file of 548mb that I want to burn to a DVD disk, if I use DVD decrypt I cannot open the "read" file from my documents file, the file is showing as "open with VLC player and is called .avi 548mb" so why wont the DVDdecrypt recognize this file in my documents (this .avi file simply doesnt appear at all when the menu for documents appears when I open DVDdecrypt - or how can I do this with another programme, what would you suggest? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 17:32 28 Jul 2013

Can't help with the DVDdecrypt not seeing it.

But in order to give advice pertinent to your hoped for outcome, it would be useful to know:

When you have the video on a dvd disk, what do you intend doing with the dvd disk? Play it on a standalone DVD player and watch it on tv? or watch it on a pc? or both? (My tv will play .avi files from a usb stick)

I use the free program DVDFlick click here to make my dvds. (if you install it watch out for unticking extras like toolbars and office etc - I can't remember which ones exactly)

  laptopdunce 19:11 28 Jul 2013

I want to put this .avi file onto a DVD that I can take abroad to play on a friend's TV set, so it can be seen on a big screen and not dependent to a small computer monitor (its a holiday film to be seen by several people at once) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 19:29 28 Jul 2013

You might run to a 'regions' problem if you convert to DVD? I'm not sure but I think free Ashampoo burning studios will do this. You'll have to register and get a few spam emails, unless you bother to unregister, but I would keep it as an avi file on a CD. No doubt your friend will have a laptop with HDMI connection to a TV:)

  laptopdunce 19:41 28 Jul 2013

I have downloaded that DVDflick but the problems still persists, the .avi file simply WILL NOT SHOW from the folder (doucuments or photos) on the pane of the new project, it shows EVERYTHING else in my docs or photos folder but NOT this .avi file, I just cant understnad it!!LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 19:48 28 Jul 2013

Best of both worlds, convert to DVD and take your avi file with you. click here . Should be under 'movies' tab. Haven't used the pro version for a while but I think I'm correct.

  rdave13 19:50 28 Jul 2013

Is there a file form at the bottom with a dropdown arrow so that you can select 'all files'?

  martd7 20:31 28 Jul 2013

Not so sure reason for using dvd decrypt? its a tool to copy a protected dvd onto the pc which in turn you can then copy to dvd using dvd flick as Lotvic has recommended or indeed any other burning application including dvd decrypt,or imgburn?

Does the file play using vlc player?

  laptopdunce 09:45 02 Aug 2013

Mart7 - YES,the file DOES play with the VLC media player but its impossible to find it when I open up the documents folder when in DCDdecrypt or DVDflick (i am not in UK at present when the other laptop is) but when I look for the file all my other things in "docs" appear but this avi. file simply doesnt appear. thnaks Laptopdunce

  lotvic 00:41 03 Aug 2013

In DVDflick after you have clicked on 'Add Title' windows explorer pops up for you to browse to the file you want. As per rdave13 has said: there is a box at the bottom for 'choose file type' on the dropdown menu you can choose 'All files' (or make your choice from those listed)

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