How do I brighten a video file ?

  Heefie 17:57 10 Jun 2011

I have a small video of my son (1.19mb) which plays perfectly in VLC player but is a bit dark. I can brighten it slightly, so it is perfectly OK, but (unless I am missing something) I can't save the brightened version.

I've been told that the best tool for this kind of thing is VirtualDub, so I've downloaded it and am now (after downloading some Mpeg4 codecs) able to load the video. However, I get a message when doing so, saying ...

"AVI: Variable bitrate (VBR) audio detected. VBR audio in AVI is non-standard and you may encounter sync errors up to 346ms when attempting to extract WAV files or playing in some players. If this is a problem, use Full Processing Mode is recommended to decompress or recompress the audio. (This warning can be disabled in Options, Preferences, AVI. bitrate: 132.9 +/- 28.4 kbps)"

... now, as it happens, this isn't I don't think, a problem but may be a red-herring, I don't really know because I haven't got a clue what it means !!!

My actual problem is that to brighten the picture I need to use Filters, and it works perfectly, but I can only use Filters if I am in Video Full Processing Mode, and under this mode, the file saves at over 64mb !!!!! If I change the Video mode to Direct Stream copy, which is the only way that I can see to keep the video at the same size, I can't use the Filters and therefore can't brighten the picture ... Catch-22 !!!

So, does anybody know a way around this, or can you suggest an alternative Video editing tool, please ?!?!?

  eedcam 18:11 10 Jun 2011

Hi what format is the original file if it is avi then you can brighten it in windows movie maker though its pretty coarse adjustment As for the file size increase that is the format has been changed Perhaps to Mpeg2.How do you intend viewing this video if on the PC only then just convert it ack to a smaller format .However converting back and forth is best avoided if possible. Personally I'd get the original into avi then try WMM

  Heefie 18:28 10 Jun 2011

Hi eedcam, the original is an AVI file, yes, and it's decompressor (?) is Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2 ... I'll look at WMM, thanks, but IIRC that's a bit pathetic !!!

I can't understand how AVI can do this so simply, but everything else is so complicated !!!

  eedcam 19:47 10 Jun 2011

AVI is not a format merely a container for seveal variants at different compresion levels .I'll try and ferret out a decent freebie thatsabit more user friendly

  Heefie 19:48 10 Jun 2011

That Windows Movie Maker is poor, what a pathetic system of brightening (or any other editing) a file, how on earth did an idea like that get incorporated into a live production program, it's no wonder they've got such a bad name !!!

Anyway, even after half an hour of fiddling and wasting my time, as soon as I try to save the file, it just hangs ... what a pile of crap it is !!!

Looking around at other options now, but finding it difficult to find software that doesn't add a watermark :-(

  eedcam 22:33 10 Jun 2011

Hi yes wmm can be irksome b this freebie will do it for you just downloaded and tried it Ichos DV as the file type it edited and kept the same file size .it s bit vague to work with but several filters available within If you get stuck come back and I,ll help

  robin_x 23:24 10 Jun 2011

Gizmo's Freeware

Have fun

  Condom 23:35 10 Jun 2011

heefie WMM is an OK freebie and I have never had any problems editing my movies on it. Yes it is pretty basic and that is all it is supposed to be but you can still do quite a lot of editing with it and my results have surprised many people.

  eedcam 09:30 11 Jun 2011

Sorry Heefie forgot the stupid link set upon the nw site Yer Tiz link text

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