How do I block videos on youtube?

  PC840 23:05 23 May 2015

In the past I've been able to block youtube videos with a simple add on from firefox, now it seems I can't! I've even reinstalled an older version of firefox and that did for a while, until firefox updated on auto. Research suggests hacking into firefox could be an answer, So I went to Chrome and couldn't block them there. I don't want the credit on my dongle to be eating away, help what can I do?


  rdave13 00:27 24 May 2015

Only way is to use your firewall settings. Block YouTube et all.

  PC840 10:49 24 May 2015

'Block YouTube et all', but I do want to download certain videos, but not others and this is where it eats into my credit. This 'problem' started a few months ago, so I just change the downloader and flash blocker until they worked, expecting a solution to be made. But it appears that youtube aren't allowing them to work in the old way, it was 'fine' before I did a complete reinstall so I've possibly altered something, some how, if so WHAT?

  rdave13 11:32 24 May 2015

I'm on Firefox version 38.0.1 and can still block flash player. It could be the HTML5 player that's causing you problems. There's a thread on disabling the HTML5 player here, superuser forum that might help.

  PC840 11:49 24 May 2015

'on disabling the HTML5 player' yip, that looks like the problem, cheers!

  robin_x 11:55 24 May 2015

Try Flash Control too. I don't know if it is an updated Flash Block from the same authors but it seems similar

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