how do I block iPlayer q&d?

  worldofsteve 13:47 10 Oct 2008

Having resisted requests from my teenagers for TV's in their rooms (the house isn't short of TVs I'm not Victorian Dad) BBC have kindly installed one there with iPlayer! Which is now the ultimate homework aid, homework flies by when you're constantly alt+tabbing through as you can imagine. SO does anyone PLEASE no a way I can block the address Also I have capped broadband I imagine iplayer is eating this up, am I wrong?

  LAP 17:35 10 Oct 2008

My antivirus software is Pc cillin and I can block any web site. Are able to do this with yours?

Re your broadband look at what you have left, use the iPlayer for 5 minutes. Then have a look and see how much has been used. (if this is possible of course)

  LAP 20:19 13 Oct 2008

How did you get on?

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